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Envision the Digital Divide Closed: The Tech Hub Institute Is Here

At Envision, we take pride in delivering high-quality content to our clients. So when we received a call from our neighbors at The Tech Hub Institute, we were pretty excited to say the least.

A major problem in our society these days is the digital divide. The digital divide is the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the internet, and those who do not. The Tech Hub’s main goal is to close the gap between digital literacy in disadvantaged communities across the nation. They were recently certified by the Louisiana Board of Regents and now it is time to start their marketing campaign and get to work. That’s what Envision was brought in to do. So, the Tech Hub Institute sought out our expertise to create three distinct commercials, each designed to shine a spotlight on the exceptional offerings they provide.

Throughout the project, we diligently gathered every detail our client could provide regarding their specific requirements. We then transformed these details into three professionally produced commercials, each possessing its unique charm. Our commitment to maintaining quality was evident in every aspect, from the cinematography to the graphics.

The first commercial aimed to promote their homeschooling program, catering to parents seeking alternative educational options. With today's changing educational landscape, this program deserved a warm and inviting portrayal to encourage potential participants to explore this unique opportunity.

The second commercial conveyed an important message emphasizing the Tech Hub Institute's program that offers those without a high school diploma a chance to earn one. We recognized the significance of making this commercial inviting to individuals who have long been searching for such an opportunity.

The third and final commercial focused on enticing aspiring tech professionals to join the industry. The program offered by The Tech Hub Institute equips individuals with the skills required for roles like data analysts and software developers. It was crucial for this commercial to convey a clear message, illustrating how accessible and promising a career in tech could be.

Our ultimate objective was to exceed our client's expectations, and we are delighted to have achieved precisely that. Our commercials not only met their needs but also displayed a level of quality suitable for premier events. At Envision, we consistently go above and beyond for every client, and we invite you to contact us today to experience the same exceptional service.

Check out our work here:

For more information on the Tech Hub Institute visit their website

Albert Hewitt, Copywriter

Envision Media and Marketing

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