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Envision's CEO Featured At Empowering Diverse Partnerships Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Recently, I had the pleasure of traveling to Kansas City, MO to participate in an insightful panel “Navigating Project (Successfully with Economic Inclusion) and discussing the experience of managing a large scale program alongside our partners, Burns & McDonnell, Bonton Associates and Sustainable Design Solutions. Kansas City, Missouri is the home to Burns & McDonnell and it recently hosted its second annual and Accelerate Cohort in which attendees heard from guest speakers and panelists and had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders. Attendees were given a unique opportunity to connect with other diverse businesses.

As a minority-owned business, intentional and fruitful partnerships like the one Envision has with a Fortune 500 company like Burns & McDonnell help address the wealth gap and disparities that disadvantage businesses face everyday. Envision currently provides communications, public relations, community outreach and mass media production for Burns & McDonnell. Together we manage, Clean Water Shreveport, a sewer program focusing on the rehabilitation of Shreveport’s wastewater system. Partnerships that are mutually beneficial set the tone for growth and sustainability for the future providing exposure to resources and insight as both entities grow.

Nationally, black-owned firms are awarded under 1% of governmental contracts and bids. The United States spent over 600 Billion Dollars in services in 2022. It is apparent that an intentional investment must continue to be made by corporations and municipalities to grow our diverse small business sector. That investment is providing education, professional development and access to funding opportunities. Burns & McDonnell is clearly leading the way in Kansas City. I am grateful for the opportunity they provided our firm.

Drayden Dunn, CEO

Envision Media & Marketing

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