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5 Steps for Creating Professional Headshots

When it comes to creating a professional image, a professional headshot can make all the difference. Often, taking the perfect one seems daunting at first, but it’s easier than it looks! We’re going to walk you through it. Here are 5 easy steps for making a professional headshot.

Why do we need professional headshots?

Photo identification hasn’t always been a priority for workers, but it’s key now more than ever. It’s comparable to a driver’s license and helps you establish your identity in the workplace. It may end up on a website. It may end up in publications or on social media. For these reasons and more, having a great headshot is critical and can make or break you as a professional.

1. Plan

Planning is everything. How does your hair look? What clothes are you going to wear? These are questions which have to be answered before taking professional headshots. There’s nothing worse than looking disheveled and dressed down when you’re taking pics for the business you’re working for (or own). Make sure you plan for your company photos, or you’ll regret them later.

2. Prepare

Preparation involves choosing the location you’ll be shooting in and setting up any decorations/props you’ll need for the session. Sometimes this requires demo shots to make sure the lighting is right, and you just might decide the location isn’t as stylish as you thought it was. Either way, it’s important you prepare the place you'll be doing your professional headshot in if you want the best results.

3. Pose & Shoot

Once you plan and prepare for your professional headshot, it’s time to pose and shoot. This is arguably the most fun part of the process, depending on how you managed the first 2 steps. If you don’t have a camera and timer, you’ll need a photographer to take the photos for you. Make sure you find someone you trust to take the photos. Also, you may want to practice your pose and smile before making it official. These are key components of the photo shoot and could make all the difference in the end.

4. Edit

No photo goes unscathed, and in most cases, they need some editing. This is where software such as Adobe Photoshop comes into play. Maybe the lighting wasn’t correct. Maybe you weigh a few pounds more than you’re comfortable with. All of this can be corrected with photo editing software, and it could be a savior for your professional headshot. Take the time to edit your photos, and you’ll create something wonderful rather than subpar.

5. Publish

This is the final step! After you’ve edited your headshot, it’s time to publish it. Where is it going? On your website? In a publication? You decide. Either way, you get to show off your finished product and all the hard work you’ve put into it. Show the world what you’ve created and that beautiful face of yours.


Professional headshots can elevate your status and improve your company’s image. Take the time to plan, prepare, and practice the shoot before doing any editing or publishing. You’ll thank yourself for the time you put into it, and the time you put into it will show.

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Sep 22, 2021

Thanks for the tips, Dray - getting new headshots on Monday. Will send you what I end up with!

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